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About Us

Skyline Gymnastics is a privately owned incorporation of teachers and educators striving to provide safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate recreational gymnastics instruction to children 18 months - 18 years of age in the Harrisonburg area.

Personalized Approach

We strive to provide movement and gymnastics experiences that range from guiding, molding, and shaping each individual at the most basic levels to advanced gymnastics training. Our professional staff strives to promote development to each and every gymnast. Everyone has their own way of learning.

Excellence and Professionalism

Our staff of master teachers, including local and collegiate coaches and gymnasts, are advocates of growing as an athlete. This can be reached by focusing on the advancement of fitness, self-confidence, discipline, and socialization. Body awareness is key in all sports, and gymnastics is a great introductory. 

Learning Experience 

Our primary philosophy is that of movement education. We believe that by providing appropriate opportunities, children discover that they can learn themselves. We utilize individual and small group atmospheres to help your children become more comfortable, increase their self-esteem and develop mastery of physical challenges.

Meet The Owners

Michael King

I am a physical education teacher and Skyline Gymnastics co-owner. I was born in Galax, Va and grew up in Roanoke, Va where I went to high school. I attended JMU where I played football, ran track and got my degree in physical education. While in school, I enjoyed volunteering to teach gymnastics. I went to classes and camps for more learning. While teaching classes for many years, my professors Hayes and Jane Kruger retired and left their business to Roger Burke, Scott Gauthier and myself. Skyline was then born in 1984, and the rest is history. We try to develop a sense of family for everyone and promote an “I can” attitude.

Jill Dean

I am a science teacher and co-owner of Skyline Gymnastics. I grew up in Bridgewater and graduated from Turner Ashby High School where I currently teach science. I participated in Skyline Gymnastics when it was held at JMU and run under the instruction of Mr. Hayes Kruger. There was a concern that I was too shy and a bit clumsy and maybe gymnastics would help. My parents signed me up for a session and I have been with the program ever since. Gymnastics gave me self confidence, coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Michael King and I strive to offer the same experience to our gymnasts that Mr. Kruger gave to me.

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