Wow was it GREAT to be back in the gym!!!

We had a wonderful week flipping in the gym for our Summer Classes.  We are currently planning on our upcoming Fall 1 and Fall 2 classes, Please check the website for dates at the beginning of August.  The registration will be online again and have an option to pay using PayPal .  We are excited to have a "normal" year of gymnastics :)

Welcome Gymnasts and Parents

With over 30 years of experience in teaching gymnastics, we provide a safe and fun experience for children interested in the sport on all events. Want to perform on the bars, jump on the trampoline, or tumble on the floor? Look no further! 

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Parent Information

Dear Skyline Gymnastics Families,

     We hope you and your families have stayed safe, healthy, and happy during the crazy year.  We are happy to announce that we had a very successful summer class week with a bunch of amazing gymnasts.  If you did not get a chance to see how much fun and all the new skills please check out our Facebook page.... it truly was an amazing week!  We have missed you and the sport in the last year, who knew it would be so long.  After meeting with the School Administration and our soft opening with the summer camp we are ready to have a "normal" year of classes at Stone Spring Elementary School. 

     Since we are held out of a school we will need to follow their guidelines and protocols for the virus.  We are waiting until the beginning of August to announce our dates and to try to be up to date on the protocols that we will have to follow. 


Thanks for your patience and working with us :)

Michael King and Jill Dean

Skyline Gymnastics