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General Information

We would like to welcome you and your child(ren) to our Skyline Gymnastics Family and hope that it will be fun and a learning experience for every child and parent involved!

We are very excited about the upcoming year and want to emphasize how your continuous support is beyond appreciated and helps us keep gymnastics alive in the Valley!

We recommend signing up early as some classes do fill up quickly and we do not accept walk-ins.

Dates, prices, and times are posted on the Registration Page.

Important Reminders:


Class Requirements:

Beginners: No skill requirements

Developmental: Requires a good round–off

Olympic: Requires the preparation to learn a back handspring


Parents and guests are welcome to observe from the waiting/cafeteria area.

Please do not walk through the gym while classes are going on.

Please do not attempt to coach or instruct your child(ren) during class.

Children not enrolled in classes must be supervised at all times and are not permitted in the gym.

Dress Code:

All long hair must be pulled back please

Girls may wear a leotard, unitard, or a t-shirt and shorts.

Boys may wear a t-shirt and shorts.

Please do not wear crop tops, baggy shirts, cut-off shorts, socks, tights, hats, belts or

any other clothing with rivets or metal decorations.

Leotards are sold in the lobby (enjoy!).

~Skyline receives discounts at Destira, a leotard company, if interested in ordering online, 

talk to Kristan at the front table.~

Hair and Jewelry:

Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail.

Jewelry (other than stud earrings) is not allowed.

Child Pickup and Drop-off:

You do not have to stay with your child if they are training in the gym but be sure that we have your emergency contact information on file.

If you do not stay for class, please walk your child into the building and walk in to pick them up too.

For safety, your child will not be allowed to wait for you outside of the building.

For gymnasts younger than 5 years old, please stay for the class in case your child(ren) needs assistance.

Lost and Found:

If you have lost an item, please check with the front table before or after class.

For further questions, please refer to the website, email, or call (540) 476-3395

Please do not contact Stone Spring Elementary School with questions or concerns. The school is the hosting facility and cannot assist.

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